Working cemented carbide

Machinery for working cemented carbide

Efficient and economical processing of drawing tools in conjunction with greatest precision combined with a simple and comfortable handling are the outstanding features of our machinery.

Future-proof and proven concepts, along with the use of materials and assemblies of highest quality and steadiness, ensure an almost legendary long-lasting lifetime. For our customers this means: technological lead by automation and innovation combined with a prompt service and staff training performed by our experienced technicians.

RK-9 AZM-2

Bearing calibration machine for TC drawing dies

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RK-7 AKM-1

Fully automatic cone polishing machine

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RK-6 AZM-1

Fully automatic bearing calibrating unit

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RK-8 HPM-1

Allround-machine for working and reworking TC drawing dies

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RK-4 IRG-1

Universal grinding machine 

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